Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CCDD 032911—Voice of Norn

Cool Card Design of the Day
3/29/2011 - Now that we "know" that Phyrexia won the Mirrodin war, we can start speculating about New Phyrexia. It's the third set of a standard three-set block which means that we know a number of things. It will be a small set and it will continue and/or offer variations of all of the major mechanics of the first two blocks. Obviously, there will be infect, but there will also be metalcraft. Living weapon will return, but so will battle cry. There are two ways this is possible. One is that Phyrexian cards will adopt Mirran mechanics as shown in today's CCDD, Voice of Norn.

The other possibility is that the set won't be entirely Phyrexian. I'm guessing that New Phyrexia will be 20% Mirran to mirror the proportions of the first set. While that leaves the total number of faction cards skewed toward Mirran (since Scars was a larger set), there is no story without conflict so there could never be a set that was just a bunch of Phyrexian sitting around smoking cigars and telling war stories. The Mirran's will be putting up a resistance.

More speculation tomorrow.

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