Saturday, March 30, 2013

Now We Can Embed Mana Symbols

Enclose the mana character between curly braces and omit any slashes. So { 2 W } is what you would type for the {2W} mana symbol, minus the spaces I used to keep that text from being replaced.

W: {W}
U: {U}
B: {B}
R: {R}
G: {G}

WU: {WU}
UB: {UB}
BR: {BR}
RG: {RG}
GW: {GW}

WB: {WB}
BG: {BG}
GU: {GU}
UR: {UR}
RW: {RW}

2W: {2W}
2U: {2U}
2B: {2B}
2R: {2R}
2G: {2G}

WP: {WP}
UP: {UP}
BP: {BP}
RP: {RP}
GP: {GP}
CP: {CP}

C: {C}
X: {X}
Y: {Y}
0: {0}
1: {1}
2: {2}
3: {3}
4: {4}
5: {5}
6: {6}
7: {7}
8: {8}
9: {9}
10: {10}
11: {11}
12: {12}
13: {13}
14: {14}
15: {15}
16: {16}

Snow: {Snow} (Enclose the letter 'S' or the word 'Snow' in curly braces)
Tap: {T} (Enclose the letter 'T' or the word 'Tap' in curly braces)
Untap: {Q} (Enclose the word 'Q' or the word 'Untap' in curly braces)
Chaos: {Chaos} (Enclose the word 'Chaos' in curly braces)


  1. Probably doesn't work in comments, just like the card links don't, but let's just make sure: {2W}{W}

  2. Well, two of the ones in my card design post worked, all the rest I formated wrong. {:(}

    Still this is awesome!

  3. However, I no longer seem to be able to post nested comments from Firefox. Could just be an issue with my firefox!

  4. {W}{U}{B}{R}{G}

    SO SWEET. Jay is #{1}!

  5. I'm having the same issue as Wobbles, but it works fine on Chrome...
    Regardless, thanks Jay!

  6. Yeah, don't see anything on firefox but do on chrome.

  7. Works on chrome, doesn't work on Opera. Still a better though. Nice work. :)

  8. Added X: {X}

    I have confirmed that this code is interfering with site search and month drop-downs. It's probably causing the sometimes-we-can't-respond-inline problem too. Troubleshooting…

  9. Making progress...
    Test 10: {10}

  10. Everything's better except for inline-replay.
    Added Snow: {Snow}
    which requires the word 'Snow' instead of 'S'

    1. And I believe this is now working in all browsers without messing up in-line replies or anything else. Clear your cache and if you still see something wonky, let me know.

  11. Add tap and untap (T and Q in curly braces):

  12. Now case-insensitive.
    { w } : {w}
    { t } : {t}

  13. The bad news is the symbols now look worse, because the ones we had been using were from the community wiki which is gone now.

    The good news is, {100} and {WP}{UP}{BP}{RP}{GP} are now available.

    1. The icons now look much better.
      We lost 100, but gained Chaos, Y, C & CP:
      {Chaos} {Y} {C} {CP}

  14. If you're wondering how to auto-link cards in your comments, surround the cardname in an empty anchor tag:
    Black Lotus

  15. The site is now smart enough to correct the order of hybrid mana symbols. Where previously only { R W } would show {RW}, not { W R } does too.