Friday, May 25, 2018

CCDD 052516—Bloodspill r5

Yesterday I processed the comments the GDS3 judges gave me on the bloodspill mechanic I submitted. Because I'm still really excited about the gameplay it creates and I now have tons of perspective and advice to apply to the idea, I've re-worked it. Unlike the original, this is un-playtested, so it's possible this isn't as fun as it looks or that certain tweaks playtesting would reveal are possible but unseen.

There are 38 cards below, which is far more than a set would devote to a three-color mechanic, but we're not building a set, we're exploring a mechanic, and that means considering as many executions as possible so that we can pick and choose the best.

Weekend Design Challenge 052518 - A Circus Act

Hey, Artisans! Click through to see this weekend's design challenge, submissions due Monday morning.

GDS3 Reflections: Scott Wilson, Challenge 3

Closing our week on Challenge #3, Scott Wilson brings us the tale of how Ancestry came to be. Click through to read about it, and check out his GDS page for the judge feedback on his submission for this challenge.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

GDS3 Reflections: Jay Treat, Challenge 3, Mechanic

Greetings, acolyte. You wanted to know how to defeat all those who oppose you? You must shed all reluctance to spill blood. Mercy and hesitation are unknown to a true warrior. They who would be victorious have already accepted that their own blood will run with their enemies, but know that the fluid of life will continue to flow through their veins as long as they stand last.

Bloodspill is a very {B}{R}{G} mechanic that rewards you for causing players to lose life, and sometimes you've got to be willing to cost yourself some life to get your engine running. It's pretty spikey, definitely not for everyone, and incredibly fun.

GDS3 Reflections: Ryan Siegel-Stechler, Challenge 3: Mechanical Engineering

Ryan is back today to discuss the mechanics he came up with for the Third Design Challenge. Click on through to read how he approached this challenge. The judge comments for Ryan's submission can be found here.

GDS3 Reflections: Ari Nieh, Challenge #3

I was pleased to receive this challenge, because it catered directly to my biggest interest in Magic: set design. I had a reasonably large file of mechanics stored up from the last several years, and it was just a matter of picking the best one to show off. Piece of cake, right? As we would all discover, writing down something that sounds plausible as a mechanic is a far cry from adequately demonstrating that it can support a set.

GDS3 Challenge 3: Finding a Good Mechanic (Discussion Thread)

The designs and judge comments from the third design challenge have posted! Individual card designs are listed on the contestant's discussion pages linked below. Let's hear your thoughts about the mechanics, the judges comments, and who got cut!

Also, #TeamEquipment.

Contestant Challenge 3 Discussion Threads