Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Cubelets - Mini Cubes!

Wobbles the Goose#wotcsafeFive years ago (!), I wrote a few articles about my experiments with… unorthodox cubes in response to the You Make the Cube contest produced by Wizards. The contest was an open solicitation of designs for Cube, which WotC has continued in various forms over the last two years through its Cube Spotlight Series.  This has helped highlight quirky Cube designs during MTGO off seasons, although nothing has really threatened to dethrone the Vintage and Legacy cubes from their staple positions because of their high powered game play, nostalgia hits, and continual updating. Particularly over the past two years of High Power sets, these cubes have provided a great place to highlight the fun new art treatments and expensive cards that are otherwise inaccessible for most Magic players. However, I’m never going to be able to afford to build such a cube, drafting is very difficult to do via web cam and even post-pandemic the prospects of organizing a full, 8 person draft seem slim. 

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Weekend Design Challenge 090421 - Average Card

Hey Artisans! Click through to see this weekend's design challenge. Your mission is to design a custom Magic card that follows the guidelines. Over the course of the weekend, give feedback to your fellow designers on their designs and incorporate their feedback to iterate on your own. I'll try to offer some feedback of my own starting on Monday.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

CCDD 20210902 - Harmonic Hydra

 Another custom card for Experiment Kraj deck. My development of it led it too far away from the deck's theme to actually use it in the deck, but originally it had a Chameleon Colossus ability as well. As it stands, it could be interesting in a madness deck (and wouldn't be a stretch in BG)

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

CCDD 20210901 - Simic Mutagen

 This is a card I was tinkering with for this past weekend's design challenge before I put it up. It's designed for my Experiment Kraj deck.