Friday, August 19, 2011

New Project Teaser

Consider yourself teased.
In the nerdiest, most table-based way possible.

2010 2011 2012 purpose
Angel's Mercy Ajani's Mantra Angel's Mercy life gain
Blinding Mage Blinding Mage Gideon's Lawkeeper creature tapper
Razorfoot Griffin Cloud Crusader Peregrine Griffin first strike flyer
Griffin Sentinel Wild Griffin Griffin Sentinel 3cc flyer
Holy Strength Holy Strength Divine Favor boon aura
Glorious Charge Inspired Charge Guardian's Pledge team combat trick
Safe Passage Safe Passage Stave Off instant creature protection
Siege Mastodon Siege Mastodon Siege Mastodon big butt
Silvercoat Lion Silvercoat Lion Armored Warhorse two drop
Solemn Offering Solemn Offering Demystify enchantment removal
Soul Warden Goldenglow Moth Pride Guardian one drop, life gain
Stormfront Pegasus Stormfront Pegasus Stormfront Pegasus cheap aggro flyer
Pacifism Pacifisim Pacifism creature removal
Veteran Swordsmith Infantry Veteran Griffin Rider aggro support
Palace Guard Palace Guard Stonehorn Dignitary dedicated blocker
Excommunicate Excommunicate
Lifelink Lifelink
boon aura
Veteran Armorsmith Tireless Missionaries Benalish Veteran misc creature
Assault Griffin Assault Griffin
medium flyer
Mighty Leap Mighty Leap
combat trick
Divine Verdict

creature removal
Squadron Hawk Auramancer
card advantage
Wall of Faith

20 20 20 20
Armored Ascension Armored Ascension Spirit Mantle boon aura
Celestial Purge Celestial Purge Celestial Purge colore hate
Elite Vanguard Elite Vanguard Elite Vanguard cheap aggro
Serra Angel Serra Angel Serra Angel angel
Tempest of Light War Priest of Thune Oblivion Ring enchantment removal
White Knight White Knight
Roc Egg Roc Egg
wants to chump guy
Rhox Pikemaster Arbalest Elite
troublesome guy
Ajani's Pridemate Alabaster Mage
guy, life gain
Harm's Way

Righteousness Condemn
attacker removal
Undead Slayer Timely Reinforcements
conditional comeback
10 9 9 9
Guardian Seraph Angelic Arbiter Aegis Angel angel
Planar Cleansing Day of Judgment Day of Judgment mass removal
Honor of the Pure Honor of the Pure Honor of the Pure team pump
Lightwielder Paladin Knight Exemplar Gideon's Avenger knight
Indestructibility Leyline of Sanctity Personal Sanctuary defensive enchantment
Captain of the Watch Serra Ascendant
misc creature
Silence Silence Grand Abolisher control
Mesa Enchantress Mesa Enchantress
reward enchantments
Open the Vaults Vengeful Archon Archon of Justice big crazy something
9 8 8 8
Ajani Goldmane Ajani Goldmane Gideon Jura planewalker
Baneslayer Angel Baneslayer Angel Angelic Destiny angel

Sun Titan Sun Titan tournament staple
2 3 3 3


  1. Ooo! I've been working on something similar. I look forward to yours as it seems more in depth.

  2. Gonna make a whole Core Set, huh? A daunting task, but good luck!

  3. A tool for managing set skeletons and referencing card categories and their numbers, on Jay

  4. Interesting. Looks like useful reference for people designing a whole set.

  5. Ooh, I hadn't thought of a skeleton-making program. THAT would be useful. Either way, exciting!