Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CCDD 101211—Bomb Suit

Cool Card Design of the Day
10/12/2011 - The only two questions in mind about this card are: Should it require a tap to activate; And should the aura deal the damage or the creature (using its power)? I'm thinking the way you see it is likely best.

Okay, fine, one more question. Mechanically, it would likely be a better card if it just dealt damage to a single target. The way it is right now fits the flavor better, but may be a bit much.


  1. I like the idea, but I think this is poor design.

    The first ability, the "explosion", is a very Johnny ability. If it dies, everything goes boom, and so you start looking for outlets to make it die but perhaps keep the aura, or the creature, (giving it another aura with totem armor for example) and so on.

    But then the second ability, undercuts this. The fun of the former wording is that the trigger, the creature's death, is actually somewhat unpredictable. Plus, sacrificing the creature doesn't work because you can't sacrifice something you don't control, so you can't stick it on an opponent's creature with toughness 5 or more to kill that.

    If you have the second ability, I'd combine them into this:

    Enchant creature
    1, Sacrifice CARDNAME: CARDNAME deals 4 damage to each creature and player.

    Now, the fun of this is putting it on something that would survive the blast, but it works great in multiplayer because you have your 'finger on the button'. It has an out; if you don't have the mana, you can't push the button, and it's more interactive.

    So I would suggest choosing Johnny or multiplayer rattlesnake and going for it.

    If Johnny, make the creature deal the damage, not the suit, to create crazier interactions (like sticking it on an infect or deathtouch creature).

    If rattlesnake, just make it explode only if you pay 1 mana and 'press the button'. Hell, I think that this is a reason to have the aura tap. It's great flavour. It's odd, but dammit, you press the button. It taps!

  2. Are you aware of the card Bloodfire Infusion? I figured I might as well point it out to you.

  3. I like it better with just the first ability and no built-in "self-destruct" outlet. Let the player work for their reward.

  4. I'd prefer a Spitemare-like ability that sets the damage equal to the damage dealt to the creature that turn instead the set damage.

    It makes the sacrifice ability somewhat modal; even if your opponent doesn't kill the enchanted creature with damage, you can still sacrifice it to get the effect.

  5. It fits the goblin grenade idea... I would prefer to have an option to defuse it or kill the equiped champion. Equiped champion? this should be an equipment, that gets sacrificed along with the creature to deal the damage.

    Bomb Suit:
    Artifact, 2c

    equip 1

    equiped champion gets R, sacrifice Bomb Suit, Bomb suit deals 6 damage to every attacking and blocking creature.

    However, I do not see what hole this design would fill and in what set. Was it top to bottom design?

  6. I think to really match the flavour of a bomb suit (which would need to be renamed to be a little more fantasy and less present day I think), it really sounds more like an equipment than an enchantment but it would be good to be able to put on an opponent's creature.

    The following allows a one time ability to equip to opponent's creature. Then either of you can detonate it. You can also grab it back by equipping to your own creature but then it stays on your side afterwards.

    Bomb Suit 2R

    Artifact - Equipment

    When ~ ETB, attach to target creature.

    R: Destroy ~

    Equip RR

    Equipped creature has "T: destroy ~".

    When ~ is destroyed it does 4 damage to each creature and player.