Monday, December 12, 2011

CCDD 121211—Accelerated Growth

Cool Card Design of the Day
12/12/2011 - A lot of players have derived a lot of joy from Doubling Season since its debut in Ravnica. We'd love to reprint it, but it turns out to be broken two ways to Sunday with planeswalkers. Parallel Lives and, to a lesser extent, Doubling Chant are recent cards aimed to fill that void. Might I humbly suggest another?

Did I get greedy adding the first ability? Probably. It's the same temptation I managed to avoid in the last CCDD. For some reason I can't bring myself to excise it this time. Maybe the fact that the second, primary ability is word for word from another card with 'permanent' replaced by 'creature' drives me to overcompensate. It's certainly an interesting enough effect by itself. Yet I'm compelled to give it a twist: in this case to make it's impact on the board immediate. That's a fairly spikey thing to do for a card with Johnny as its master.

If it was good enough for Parallel Lives, it should be good enough for Accelerated Growth:


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  1. I prefer the second one. While the first one's ETB trigger is fun, I overall prefer the cleaner and simpler card. That effect is fun and awesome enough to stand on its own. A separate card that doubles counters when it ETB, or as an instant/sorcery, would be great, too.