Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sonnet #2: To Doom Blade

Shall I forget the day I saw your face
And knew that Terror's reign was at an end?
All terror in my heart was soon replaced
with fondest love for Doom Blade, my dear friend.
Oft have we smashed a Wurmcoil into twain
And watched its pieces feebly crawl away.
Oft did we halt an Angel slaying Bane
or leave Huntmaster's wolf a lonely stray.
But now you needs must leave, and Cupid's dart
has Gone straight for my Throat, and struck me down.
A Dead Weight hangs too heavy on my heart
and Wrings my Flesh until in tears I drown.
Whence came this loss?  It lies on R&D.
With Murder's advent, they have murdered thee.


  1. Hee. Delightfully done.

    As it happens, a few days ago I also wrote a Magic-themed poem. Mine was written only using only Magic card names (plus conjunctions, prepositions and articles).

  2. That was fantastic. :D