Thursday, March 28, 2013

CCDD 032813—Universal Twine

Cool Card Design of the Day
3/28/2013 - Dear Johnny, I know how you like wacky effects like Mind Bend, Artificial Evolution or overload that change the text of spells and let you do things no one ever intended or expected. Universal Twine does let you change how an entire class of cards works, but it really just makes them do more, rather than different.

I understand if you're mad that this card is for other people. But don't be mad at Spike or Melvin; they didn't even know you and I were together. Instead, be mad at me. I'm the one to blame. Even so, I do hope you'll be able to forgive me one day, because I still care about you. I always will.


  1. Freakin'. Genius. And Amazing. If only entwine can return someday to make this little nugget of design space possible. Perhaps a similar card can be designed if entwine never returns that just says that you can choose all modes of spells you cast:
    "You may choose all modes of spells you cast."
    Too confusing.

    Anyhway, A+ design concept.

    1. I'd actually posted the Crown of Gluttony back when we first started this blog:

      (And here:

  2. Oh, cool stuff.

    Question: if you use this with Clan Defiance, do you get to choose the same mode multiple times?

    1. Entwine lets you choose all modes instead of just one. Since Clan Defiance already lets you choose all modes, you'd be paying 2 extra mana for no extra benefit.

      Where this card gets really bonkers is with the Lorwyn cycle of Commands...

  3. You said it's not for Johnny, I didn't believe you so I looked through all the modal spells to see what cool one-card combos this makes. I was disappointed, this really does just add value to your spells, without enabling anything new. I would want to pepper the environment this appears in with cards like this:

    Double or Nothing 1UU
    Choose one -- Copy target instant or sorcery spell; or counter target instant or sorcery spell.

  4. This makes fatal lore feel even nastier.

    I wonder if this should let me get all mode of profane command instead mere three.

  5. Or even spicier: "If a spell or ability would choose one or more effect, choose each of those effects instead."