Monday, September 2, 2013

Suvnica Guild Profile: The Sorba

(This is part of a series of documents that are meant to provide snapshots of each of the guilds. These documents will probably be updated with some regularity. They are meant to provide a starting reference point when developing new cards and ideas for the guilds.)

{R}{W} The Sorba

The Sorba have spent the better part of the life of the guildpact kicking themselves for having ever agreed to it in the first place. The initial founders were a group that honestly believed that, as a theoretically neutral governing instrument, it would be a force of great social justice. After the compact was made, the Sorba quickly came to realize that the same factions that attempted to take advantage of the disenfranchised and weak would continue to do so, regardless of the pact.

Enraged at the corruption of the ideals of the pact, but hesitant to openly revolt after seeing the repeated failures of the Tezzi, the Sorba have adopted a different approach. Their guiding philosophy is to "do the right thing," although this remains a highly subjective goal. Sorba generally seek to protect the innocent (or at least, the less guilty) from abuses of power, but they attempt to remain as anonymous as possible whenever they intervene.

In everyday life, Sorba tend to be involved in blue-collar lines of employment -- mostly various types of manual labor. Many are very politically active, passionate about preventing injustice through governance, but failing that, then through vigilantiism and personal justice. 

Typical Creature Types

  • Dwarves
  • Minotaur
  • Large Iconics: Archon

Typical Occupations

  • Metalsmiths
  • Builders
  • Farmhands
  • Political Activists

Opinions on the Guilds

  • {W}{U} Suiroza: They have a clarity of purpose and sense of justice of which we are occasionally jealous, but they spend so much time theorizing what is best for all and too little trying to create what is best for all.
  • {W}{B} Zhavi: They took an incredible ideal and corrupted it into an unrecognizable nemesis. They are responsible for so much suffering and misery, and they still manage to convince themselves that they serve in the best interests of all.
  • {U}{B} Rimid: A puzzle we have been unable to solve - given their curse and their mistreatment by the others, how guilty are they in truth? Unfortunately, when they attempt to feed on innocents, their circumstances must be set aside from our consideration to protect those who need it most in the moment.
  • {U}{R} Tezzi: Every time we intervene to protect them, we are reminded once again why we must exercise the caution we do in our methods, even though it is unnervingly frustrating.
  • {B}{R} Radkar: Their existence is like a tax of which no amount of reasoning or begging can lift. They contribute absolutely nothing to our world but pain, suffering, and brutality, and yet they remain protected from their just reward by a signature on a piece of paper.
  • {B}{G} Gilrog: Like us, they appreciate the benefits of having their activities remain unknown. Unlike us, they seek nothing more than greater power for themselves. no matter. If they ever decide to act, we'll be the first ones ready to stop them.
  • {R}{G} Grohm: Good people. They seldom need our help, and almost never create situations where we need to help others. 
  • {R}{W} Sorba: People are fundamentally good. But power, once attained corrupts perception and motives. Those trusts of power granted to better society inevitably end up doing more harm than good. Until we find a way to usurp the system, we are limited to functioning as a bandage to the wounds the pact inflicts on us all. 
  • {G}{W} Sahleen: So much selfishness for a group that claims to act in the interest of all. 
  • {G}{U} Kismi: If only the would learn the fine art of telling people what they want to hear, we would not have to spend so much time pulling them out of dangerous situations. 

Guild Mechanics

Coming soon...