Monday, April 7, 2014

CCDD 040714—Overdose

Cool Card Design of the Day
4/7/2014 - I'm not 100% sure a card like this should exist, but it can tell two different epic stories, as well as a third combination story. I'm not 50% sure the colors are right. I didn't even try to guess the cost.


  1. The wording (unfortunately) doesn't work. You gotta use Vorel style wording - "For each counter on each permanent, put another of those counters on that permanent."

  2. I think those colors are fine. It's definitely a Johnny card, since most decks that want the first effect aren't so happy about the second, but I'd enjoy building around it.

  3. I think this needs the usual caveat about excluding planeswalkers.

    I think it tells a better story if it targets.

    Colorwise, I'd say green-black, since green doubles counters and black removes them.

  4. At it's best, this lets you ultimate pretty much every planeswalker the turn after they come out (or turn of), while killing all opponents' planeswalkers. That's really really good. Probably format defining.

    Easiest way is to go the Vorel route and only target non-planeswalker things.

    Maybe it can be high enough or weird enough in cost to be not as dangerous as I think it is.

  5. All's well that flameswell!

    It depends on what planeswalkers are in the format, and how playable you want the card to be, but I'd make this RR if you want it played, RRR if you want it to be Johnny-territory.

    1. I *thought* I remembered this from somewhere... Still not convinced it's a good card to print, though.

    2. It's definitely something to answer a "We've got a bunch of Planeswalkers in the format, but god, actually winning with them is SO SLOW" problem in standard. Not something we've experienced yet, but I could believe it could happen.

    3. Haha. Holy exactly matching card text, Batman!

      The best part is, I think I know how this blatant ripoff happened. I vaguely recall someone wanting to submit to a #WAC but having poor access to internet so told me through other means. I found this rules text in an untitled google doc, and assumed it was an idea I had and put in a weird place. But I probably just refound your submission.

      I blame The Cloud.

  6. We looked at something similar to this before (For Tesla I believe). I believe it was a red card, something like this:

    Overclock R
    For each counter on target permanent, put an additional counter of that type on target permanent. At the beginning of the next end step, sacrifice that permanent.