Wednesday, November 19, 2014

CCDD 111914—Smoke the Whole Box

Cool Card Design of the Day
11/19/2014 - Here's a reactive Johnny card. Can you see any uses for it?


  1. I guess they could cast Sign in Blood at a low life total?

    Narrow Johnny cards need to be something you can build a deck around. This one relies on your opponent's deck. I really don't see that working out.

  2. The funniest use I can think of so far is to quadruplicate a non-targeting Pact and see them lose the game (assuming they can't pay 4x the pact cost)! :)

    Other things that occur to me are multiplying "each player loses N life" or "each player sacs a creature card". Duplicating a card with a significant life loss like Reckless Spite would be perfect, but most of them target so the copies would end up cancelled.

    But I also endorse Havelock's comment, it's really hard for any reactive spell to be interesting for our Johnny-sides, because you can't normally make an interesting plan, it only comes up if there's a dominant deck it happens to be an answer for.

    There are some spells that force opponents to cast spells, but they're mostly expensive johnny enchantments already, so I think it would be hard to get a good combo with it.

    1. Good examples.

      Naturally, this is more of a sideboard card or a failsafe against a ubiquitous deck. Does that make it Spike rather Johnny? Johnny-Spike?

    2. I'm pretty sure it would read "Target opponent copies target instant or sorcery they control three times."

      I also thought of Pacts and Earthquakes. I suppose Genesis Wave for the lulz/to make someone mill themselves out. Or Caress of Phyrexia to win. I'm with zeff: this is a card for a multiplayer supplemental product to create stories. Like having somone do four Worst Fears: "Let's see what damage you can do to the Threat"

  3. I could never see Wizards printing a card name that references child abuse.

  4. This thing is bananas in multiplayer. It would be a nice supplemental product card.

  5. A very clever design that I would probably rather not print, but if we have to print this kind of thing, I think this would be a great one.

    That said, this feels more Red to me than Black. If I were to take the flavor of "punish someone for doing something bad for them" to a non-red color, I would think White.

  6. damn, I really needed to read this to many times to completly grasp this card! And it indeed feels more red than Black

  7. If anyone ever cast Ad Nauseam without preceding it by Angel's Grace, that would be a good target for this. Likewise if anyone ever cast Imp's Mischief, Hail Storm, or Hellfire, those would work okay.

    Demonic Consultation, Tainted Pact, Diminishing Returns or False Memories have a rather higher chance of accidentally killing their caster. Epic Experiment too, though they'd probably kill you first with all their free stuff.

    Most +N/-N spells are used as removal, but the ones that are used on your own creatures like Defiling Tears or Flowstone Strike might be turnable into removal with this.

    A token player casting something like Barter in Blood, or a fatties playing casting something like Starstorm, would have a rather higher chance of losing their own things they'd been hoping to protect.

  8. I *really* like this. This is a great flavour for an uber-johnny card. There's a part of me that feels it should be Red. Red copies things, Red is excessive. The cruelty element is very Black, but I think this is more Red than Black.