Friday, September 23, 2016

CCDD 092316—Ceaseless Assault

Cool Card Design of the Day
9/23/2016 - When this thought occurred to me two nights ago, I thought it was apropos of nothing but raid, but having just written up yesterday's dedicate, it's clearly related. It's sort of "raid goes hellbent."

We wouldn't make all of those, they're clearly too similar, but any of them are reasonable and two or three could work. Here's something more different:


  1. Are you just deliberately designing mechanics for my sets at this point?

    Seriously though this harkebs back to the landfall set up, where you reward the players for doing what they already like doing. Especially in a set driven by battle its good design space.

    Perhaps at higher rarities have a scaling effect,where it encourages you to attack with more and more.

    Ill come up with a cycle for this a bit later on

  2. I don't think granting haste is a good choice. The main stop-gap for interrupting this is board clearing, and granting haste takes the point of interaction away.

    It makes it more red, and more resilient, but at the cost of really pushing a player to take full advantage of the effect.

  3. Adding a subtype to this wouldn't do anything on its own, but might be good to allow other cards to reference these for more interactivity and design space. (Destroy target raid, return a raid from your graveyard to your hand, tutor for a raid, etc)