Wednesday, April 26, 2017

CCDD 042617—Seek All Destinies & Celestial Parade

Cool Card Design of the Day
1/25/2017 - A couple of splashy all-the-auras rares.

How's that for incentive to run an aura-heavy creature deck?

I use words in brackets like this to indicate that the card could work with or without that bit. Celestial Parade could require you to have different creatures to enchant, or it could let you put your auras wherever you like (or it could force you to choose a single target creature to ultra-buff).

Note how each of these cards limits your ability to get Eldrazi Conscription.


  1. I love Seek All Destinies. I think the restriction is elegant and encourages interesting deck building.

    Celestial Parade does stop you getting Eldrazi Conscription, but is still a strict discount plus tutor on most of these cards:["Aura"]&cmc=+>=[6]

    As written, for 2UBG I could take control of three creatures and get upsides for each of them.

    1. Ha. Wasn't thinking of offensive auras. We'll restrict it to your own creatures then. Sorry, 2HG.

    2. That helps! I still feel a bit uneasy about it cramping design space by limiting what one can put on a coloured aura. But I suppose I then have to ask: is this worse than Auratouched Mage?