Thursday, May 25, 2017

CCDD 052517—Feed the Cluster

Cool Card Design of the Day
5/25/2017 - Spider Pack is replicate-for-spiders. You could apply any creature tribe to pack, for more tribal effects. You could alternately apply card types or colors. You could even remove all conditions and just have a version that lets you pay for any number of legal targets.

There's an argument for eliminating the 'replicate' cost from pack, so it's always free to target all your spiders (or whatever); that would require the base cost to rise, which would make the cards more dedicated to tribal themes and decks.

Alternately, we could model pack more after overload:


  1. Replicate seems pretty cool. I like that it works well even if you don't have very many spiders.

    Feed the Cluster overload isn't as good a design - what if you don't want all your spiders to fight? A may probably that, or

    Target creature you control deals damage equal to its power to target creature you don't control.

  2. There's also not a ton of design room, but probably enough for a few colors in a set. Comparable to strive.

    You could also try conspire for spiders?

    Baby Spiders 1G
    Sorcery C
    Create a 1/2 green spider creature token with reach.
    Spiderspire (You may tap an untapped spider you control as you cast this spell. If you do, copy CARDNAME.)

    Also potentially quite swingy. Copying spells is very powerful.

  3. How about increasing the base cost (if non tribal decks want prey upon that badly they can pay 3G for it), and saying something like "One target creature you control, or any number of target spiders you control, each fights..."

    Um, but actually the template for N creatures you control fight up to N creatures you don't control is really fiddly...

    Alternatively, use "strive" tech, and say "any number of target creatures you control", but say only if all targets are spiders can you have more than one (and optionally a different cost).

  4. I like both ideas, hard to pick. One design for each:

    Cat Claws
    Instant - C
    Target creature gets +2/+0 and gains first strike until EOT
    Cat Pack 1W

    Teaching Moment
    Sorcery - Rare
    Draw cards equal to the converted mana cost of target creature you control.
    Wizard Pack 6U

    1. "Draw cards equal to the converted mana cost of target creature you control." is splashy enough with a single target, much less unlimited targets.

      Cat Claws is good. It and Feed the Cluster are both dangerous at common for potential blowouts. I wonder if pack should start at uncommon.

    2. Mythic rare, then. I want drawing a bazillion cards in Commander to be the dream use case, and Wizards as a tribe get very few creatures and fewer expensive creatures, which I think limits the potential for degeneracy.

      I think not re the second point - Strive had plenty of examples that could lead to blowouts yet were common.

  5. Spider Venom 1G
    Choose one:
    - Target creature gain deathtouch and first strike until end of turn.
    - Spiders you control gain deathtouch and first strike until end of turn.

    I just don't think there's enough space here for a full mechanic.

  6. Web Sprawl G
    During main phases this turn, creatures you control with reach gain "T: this creature fights target creature."

    Could be "G,T:", but I think this is restrictive enough to be printable (though obviously not at common).