Tuesday, May 22, 2018

GDS3 Challenge 2: A Circus Act (Discussion Thread)

The results of the second challenge have posted. This thread for general discussion of the results, while the below threads are for individual comment and critique. You can also use this thread to discuss the third challenge before Thursday, but hold onto your own designs until we do the Weekend Design Challenge for it. You can also always refer to our GDS3 Index for links to all the contestants challenges, reflections, and other material.

Contestant Challenge 2 Discussion Threads


  1. Spoilers for those that are just interested in who was eliminated:


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  2. Yeah, I think in the end that this Round was actually much harder than round one even though it seemed more open and more free.

    When I just started brainstorming cards (I'll share my ideas a little later) I kept realizing that I was just really turning card names into just ... stuff ... and none of it related to anything else. They were just symbolic representations of what the card did.

    So the real challenge was how to make it all cohere and feel like there was a set behind it. Make it all complicated, they picked a setting that is colorful and flavorful and inspires tension ... but not necessarily conflict. That was an important realization I had when I was trying to thematically put this all together. How do you translate the flavor of a circus to represent the conflict that's going to be necessary to create gameplay?

    When I was reading the judges' evaluations I really had no idea who was going to be cut until I read the outcomes. This seemed like a really close call and the judges referenced consulting each other.

    I ended up in a similar space as Ari (I even considered using converge myself but ended up cutting it in the editing process). I'll post my own underlying concept and designs I would have submitted later today.

    Or should I hold it for the next weekend challenge? Zeff, your wording here has me confused. Is the next weekend challenge based on round two or round three?

    Round three is going to be veeeerrrry interesting because obviously every single one of these designers has new mechanics they are itching to introduce and already have a file full of cards. I'm betting the judges are expecting some hardcore polish on these designs.

    1. this coming weekend's challenge will be round 2, even though the show will have completed round 3 and shown the challenge for round 4 by thursday.

      The release pace of the actual show is making it virtually impossible for us to keep up with it on our end, so we'll just be doing one challenge a week (plus all the other GDS3 content that keeps pouring in).

    2. Okay, I will not post my cards this afternoon. It will give me some time to work on polishing my wonkier cards.

  3. I just wanted to say that this week's challenge seemed very tough, and also that now that I'm trying my hand at this I can't help but be a bit influenced by the cards they guys made. Many of them are great.

    I must also say that the judge I've enjoyed the most to read in all challenges so far has been Melissa, without a doubt. She really gives good explanations and perspectives.

    Is it also possible to discuss general thoughts over what should these cards look like? Not the submissions, but for example I thought that Feats of Strength feets very well as a name to a few existing cards, namely Mayael's aria and everything with Ferocious / Formidable.

  4. Oh, "design a mechanic" challenge. That is tough, I've designed so many, but it's hard to say which one is most worth existing. I'm used to challenges with extra restrictions, just "what's your best mechanic" is difficult in a different way!