Tuesday, August 7, 2018

CCDD 080718 - Guild Recruitment

I don't know if I made this quite clear yet, but I'm super pumped to be spending a whole year on Ravnica. I was revisiting my dusty old thread about what I would do if I was in charge of designing Ravnica 3, and one of the themes I wanted to explore was being recruited into a guild.

Here's some things!

These were the beginnings of a cycle I thought might capture the idea of joining a guild. You may have had a foot in the door before, but now your old (color) identity is irrelevant. You are One Of Us now.


  1. I like that the restrictive targets has the side effect of discouraging splashing, which IIRC is something that Ravnica always tries to do.

    The color change might be a little too cute. If colors don't matter in the set, then why bother. If colors do matter in the set, the color changing is strange enough that I'm worried it'd be easily missed.

  2. I love these. I think all of them want “enchant X or Y creature *you control*” due to the triggers being confusing or nonsensical otherwise. But that’s just a minor templating nitpick.

    I especially like the color changing if we use wobbles’s idea about using batching technology to define the guilds. If we’re not using that mechanic, I agree with Axxle that it’s perhaps too fluffy.

  3. These all seem very weak, but the concept is interesting. I feel ilke the "Enchant [color] or [color] creature" is gonna be forgotten about most of the time because in a simic deck most of the cards are going to be simic. But then every once in a while someone is going to feel bad when they try to put this on a black creature. I don't think that clause does much, if anything, to improve gameplay of a set.