Tuesday, April 23, 2019

CCDD 042319 - Some Planeswalkers of Assorted Rarities

Now that War previews are over, everyone has Planeswalkers on the brain. Here's a few random ones.

First up is this one. A few weeks ago I was designing cards to any random prompt someone wanted to send me as a little birthday game. Someone suggested an uncommon Elspeth in the spirit of the War walkers, so I came up with this. Elspeth can't help but assemble an Army around her, and in the context of War that could mean something very different. I really like how this ends up playing with Ajani's Pridemate for a wide variety of reasons. It's not especially synergistic with any Amass cards, so the Army thing is cute but easily cut.

I was catching up on some Beacon of Creation episodes, and they were discussing common and uncommon 'walkers some time before War previews began. While listening to the episode, I thought about if PWs were practically useless on their own if they could be common. I came up with this, which is not all that useless on its own (2 sorcery speed shocks) but becomes very interesting when sharing her ability with another PW. At the end of the day, this definitely isn't a common no matter how you cut it, but it is some space to explore futher.

Finally I wanted to play with static abilities like the War 'walkers have, but in a less enchantment-y way. Something that mattered specifically for the card itself. This idea popped into my head. Here' s a high risk/high reward PW. I'm not sold on the mana cost, but dropping this too early makes him especially vulnerable.

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