Thursday, January 23, 2020

CCDD 012320—Garruk Wildspeaker

Cool Card Design of the Day
Found a note I made last year about another way to solve the when-planeswalkers-were-sagas-they-didn't-have-enough-agency problem.

Unlike sagas, which always move forward and may or may not do something relevant, this template will always do something relevant. If I've got no bears, I make one. If I've got a couple, double them. (Notably, it would be silly for this mode to only fire on a single count, because then 'double' could be replaced by a specific number.) And if I've got a bunch, they become overwhelming.

Not saying this is better than the actual PW design, or even the Saga design, but it definitely has merit.


  1. While I think this design is cool, and could even make for an interesting cycle, I don't know whether it's sustainable for an entire card type. Designs would have to get pretty weird after a while.

  2. Wow, that's neat.

    Interesting to think about what the "count" conditions would be if R&D printed "countwalkers" as regularly as planeswalkers. Finding a new one every time, or even a new one for every character, seems tricky. Maybe there would be a default of "creatures you control" or "cards in hand"?

  3. Is there a reason this wouldn't just be an enchantment?



  5. I like the new silver bordered cards

  6. I dislike the idea that this Garruk is unkillable.
    Otherwise neat design space. Some sagas could end up like that soon.