Thursday, September 2, 2021

CCDD 20210902 - Harmonic Hydra

 Another custom card for Experiment Kraj deck. My development of it led it too far away from the deck's theme to actually use it in the deck, but originally it had a Chameleon Colossus ability as well. As it stands, it could be interesting in a madness deck (and wouldn't be a stretch in BG)


  1. High risk, high reward! I really like the concept, but this is probably too swingy for actual gameplay

  2. There is a lot of potential here. Beyond a single card stat boost. This would be a good tribal effect too. Hydras you cast cost X less where X is the number of cards you discard when you cast them. Hydras draw you cards whenever they connect to hit a player. With that much velocity the risk of removal is reduced greatly. You could even give this hexproof if it's power is 7 or greater.