Tuesday, October 12, 2021

MOXTOBER - Bones: A Google Sheet Template for Set Skeletons!

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It’s #MTGMoxtober! A month of design prompts for the Magic creatively inclined. Today is October Twelfth, which means the prompt for today is Bones

What do people think about when they think of Bones? Skeletons! And what is the scariest kind of Skeleton? Set Skeletons! 

Today, instead of designing a new Skeleton card, I’ve created a new tool for looking at and designing your own set skeletons in a Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1G5E_Klct4tyHn2eKvgU_5zoCfzWpyaNWpCkkq_cSRKE/

The previous top link for “Set Skeleton Google Sheet” pointed at this template from Flying__Penguin, which this is based on. It’s really useful! However, that template was made 6 years ago for 150 card sets. The updated version reflects the feedback from Maro’s Nuts and Bolts article from last year and the larger size of modern sets, which is far more detailed that the previous version. You can copy this template to use for your own sets

I’ve also included at additional tab that uses Cube April’s brilliant Scryfall google sheets plug in to (more or less) automatically populate a set skeleton that you can view along side the skeleton template provided in the article. This helps you to see where recent sets have deviated from the skeleton in creative ways! 

This document is certainly a work in process, so please let me know how else I can improve the design or how you’re tweaking it to be more useful!

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