Saturday, November 6, 2021

Weekend Design Challenge 110621 - Cleave

Hey Artisans! Click through to see this weekend's design challenge. Your mission is to design a custom Magic card that follows the guidelines. Over the course of the weekend, give feedback to your fellow designers on their designs and incorporate their feedback to iterate on your own. I'll try to offer some feedback of my own starting on Monday.

Cleave is one of the oddest mechanics we've seen in a while. It's basically-- say it with me-- "narrower kicker" but it can make text boxes exciting in ways we haven't really seen before. For this week, your challenge is to design a mythic rare card that uses cleave in a super-splashy way. For bonus points, give it an ally-color multicolor cleave cost similar to the rare cycle from Crimson Vow.

Good luck and have fun!


  1. Sorin's Other Vengeance
    Cleave 5wbb
    Target player's life total becomes 1[0].

    Not sure about the costing, but I tried to go for changing functionality rather than removing limitations. Sorin and 10 life have a long history together, so I thought he'd be a nice face for the card.

    1. This is adorable. Well played.

      Not sure about the use of color here. You can safely make the non-cleave cost monocolored (like Sorin Markov), but at that point the white in the cleave cost starts to look a little weird. Maybe it's the cleave cost that should be monocolored in this version? Or maybe the cleave cost should be 5BBG as a nod to Biorhythm?