Thursday, May 12, 2011

CCDD 051211—Augur Dodger

Cool Card Design of the Day
5/12/2011 - Augur Dodger is meant to be an uncatchable fairy (a brownie, specifically). Like the Gustcloak creatures but on defense as well as offense. I like that it's a reasonable threat (requiring a blocker each turn, yet never being eaten) as well as an amazing blocker (good against everything but trample and creatures like Inferno Elemental), though it could get annoying after a while.

On the theory that a 0/∞ wall might be too good for three mana, I thought I'd toss the defensive ability for something that makes blocking these guys more important (and thus making its first ability more relevant):


  1. So, basically, when it attacks, your opponent gets the choice of A) let it through, take 2 and the other guy draws a card, or B) block with something, nothing dies, but I can't use that creature to block some other creature attacking me.

    I like it. I wonder if it could get a little extra bump and make the first ability untap it too, just like the Gustcloak creatures.

  2. While I like the general concept, two things bother me:

    1) As a green card, I find it odd that it would be averse to combat. The Gustcloak mechanic makes the most sense in White as a means of reconnaissance and reconciliation, but would also function well in Blue as a representation of illusion.

    2) Faeries typically have flying, and are also commonly blue.

    So, my suggestion is that this should be probably be moved into blue, the color that I believe is still the primary choice for Ophidian effects.

  3. Augur does not mean auger, you're welcome.

  4. Fog Bank and Guard Gomazoa reckon 3 mana (or even 2 mana) is fine for a 0/inf wall.