Thursday, May 19, 2011

CCDD 051911—Goblin Giving

Cool Card Design of the Day
5/19/2011 - There are a few variations of equipment stealing and destruction across the two Mirrodin blocks: Magnetic Theft, Ogre Geargrabber, Metallic Master, Turn to Slag, and Unforge. Goblin Giving continues in that tradition and combines both goals.


  1. It seems like the destroy should be a "may", or there should be some upside, since this is so miserable when used on your own stuff, and even in Scars block, your opponent doesn't always have equipment.

    Maybe it deals damage to a player when you destroy it?

  2. I like this effect. It's very tricky when you cast it mid combat, and it would be satisfying to play.

    While it's narrow, it could be a potent sideboard card in Limited at least.

    I'm not sure about the suggestion above of dealing damage because it would make the card do too many things for one card. If there could be a resonant name that describes all three effects, that would be nice. If you do take it up, maybe the flavor text could be "Here, I'm giving it back. Catch!" or "Goblins always return what they borrow - but not in the way the owner desired."

    I don't understand the flavor behind the name "Goblin Giving." It feels more like the Goblin's stealing or borrowing rather than giving something.