Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sonnet #3: On people who want Counterspell to be reprinted

I heard an ancient mage lamenting blue.
For Counterspell's return he made his plea:
"Imagine if a Bolt dealt only two;
That's how I feel when Cancel costs me three!
I loved the game much better long ago,
Forbidding my opponents all day long.
But now they print no goodies for Draw-Go.
Oh, how could R&D have gone so wrong?"
Quoth I, "Sir, if you care about the game,
Think on the fates of those whom you Dismissed.
To them, those duels were tedious and lame.
Your deck pretended theirs did not exist!
Though Counterspell emits nostalgia's glow,
You might as well be waiting for Godot."


  1. Worpetha Korpetha
    Two mana counterspells
    Start overpowered and
    Get out of hand

    Counterspell, Mana Drain:
    But Spike would settle for
    Only Remand.

    1. Counterspell, schmounterspell
      Grouchy old blue players
      Want back their toys, although
      WotC prints none.

      But their desires are
      With plain reality:
      Draw-Go's no fun.

  2. yeah disagree. it didn't make the game lame. If you can't beat a straight permission deck you are playing wrong. Counterspell fits the curve of today better than it did then and better than cancel does. I really don't see the issue with the card. I see a lot of OP design from WOTC, counterspell has a play. Counter magic is an integral part of blue. so why give it crappy counter magic or slow counter magic only. Makes no sense. Some people hate playing against permission, some people hate playing against burn. Guess which one still gets good cards. And stuff keeps getting taken from blue too. It gets weak removal (bounce), card draw (awesome), library manipulation (which they keep banning) and some ok flyers. What about counter magic, controlling creatures temporarily, and looting. They either killed it or gave it to red. Blue is a splash color not a stand alone color because of it.