Thursday, September 20, 2012

CCDD 092012—Moorland Bandit

Cool Card Design of the Day
9/20/2012 - This black two-drop might be the love-child of Surrakar Marauder and Bloodthrone Vampire, with Psychatog as her godfather. Inspired from the art, I was looking for something that evoked the mercenary feel but with a necro-twist that explains why she's hanging around in a graveyard.

At the end of the day, she's a 2/1 for 1B with an activated ability that makes blocking her risky, a form of conditional evasion (like her Father). That she spends corpses instead of allies makes her generally more profitable than her mother, but also a bit trickier to use since you won't usually find corpses lying around without interacting with your opponent. I added the mana cost to prevent punks from exiling 18 creatures at the end of a long game or in your dredge deck.


  1. Excellent card! I'd rather have this on a four-drop so that the ability is more likely to matter.

  2. I like it! Another flavor option now that you've got mechanics could be "Soulsucker Shade" or something. Much better gameplay than a classic shade imo because you use up an expendable resource. Therefore the right choice isn't never to block with a small guy.Would also consider making this a 1/1 for easier to track stats, but 1 toughness is definitely correct because it forces ability usage.

  3. I also believe that the ability would bump the rarity to uncommon. A nice Melvin card though, filling the quintential graveyard hate role. As HV said, probably bump its cost and P/T up a bit so it can come online latter, when the twodrops are dead.
    I feel that the image suggest a very streightforward french vanilla card to me, and the lack of action, the lowered sword, kept in the shield hand, makes me think of despaired girl exiled by her village to go into the darkness. It also looks like it could belong to the set with the basics you presented before.