Thursday, August 15, 2013

Suvnica Week 10 Review, Part 3: Breaking Black (YMTC Submissions)

Not too many submitted designs for the bonus challenge this week, so this one will be quick.

lpaulsen's pitch works to penalize the guilds in Suvnica while giving a pass to uncollored and monocolored artifacts in Tesla. Not in love with the name (despite the easy joke about playing the "racism" card), though it makes some sense on Suvnica.

lpaulsen also threw in his actual YMTC pitch, which is exactly the kind of card I wish had made it to the final rounds. It's goofy, but like Crucible of Worlds before it, just begging for a Johnny to figure out how to completely break it.

The Cozen lamented the lack of Lich effects in the final YMTC count, so he submitted this. This is a great take on the lich lineage, although it doesn't really do much for Suvnica (or even many of the guild mechanics that we've pitched). It may play a little better on Tesla, since being able to recur mech parts would be pretty clutch.


That's it for the submissions. I'll try to make the next non-keyword challenge a little more engaging.

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