Monday, August 5, 2013

Suvnica Guild Profile: The Suiroza

(This is part of a series of documents that are meant to provide snapshots of each of the guilds. These documents will probably be updated with some regularity. They are meant to provide a starting reference point when developing new cards and ideas for the guilds.)

{W}{U} The Suiroza

The Suiroza are driven by the idea that it is the environment in which an individual is fostered that is the sole factor in determining that individuals potential and limits. They have a very controversial practice within the guild of removing children from their parents immediately after birth and raising them in guild-run schools and academies.
They assign the newborns to academies based on the anticipated future needs. Some schools are dedicated to understanding, controlling, and manipulating magic. Others are focused on history and philosophy. Others are dedicated to more military roles. However, within each school, each student is given identical treatment and opportunities, while the guild head counsel determines what methods yield the best outcomes.

While the guild was initially able to thrive as a result of the guildpact, since their intraguild practices were tolerated despite eliciting no small amount of disgust from a number of outsiders, several years ago, the guild began to recognize the hypocrisy of adhering to their philosophy while still discriminating against other guilds simply on the basis of birth. Since then, they have permitted any parents, regardless of guild affiliation, to deliver their newborn child to the assignment counsel to become a member of the Surioza.

While opening the gates this way didn't have much an impact in the early days, within a year several new institutions had to be established as the number of parents delivered their children to the Suiroza's doors. Some were seeking better opportunities for their young. Others were simply given a convenient way of discharging the unexpected burden of new responsibilities they were not expecting. The Suiroza accepted them all without question, only promising that the child would never learn the identity of their parents.

After reaching the age of majority, Suiroza members are released from their academies. At that point the guild believes that they have the necessary tools and backgrounds to realize the tabula rasa mentality, truly able to become anything they set their minds to. Of course, after years of rigorous indoctrinization, most stay fiercely loyal to the Suiroza and maintain their service to the guild.

Typical Creature Types

  • Vedalken
  • Aven
  • Large Iconics: Sphinx (or maybe Lammasu, to switch it up a little)

Typical Occupations

  • Scholars
  • Teachers
  • Philosophers
  • Arcane Researchers
  • Soldiers

Opinions on the Guilds

  • {W}{U} Suiroza: Divisions of life into small clusters as a consequence of birth is a foolhardy pursuit, one it took us too long to recognize. Each person has infinite potential within his or herself. We strip away the limits on opportunities created by something so inconsequential as mere circumstance.
  • {W}{B} Zhavi: Of course the oligarchs will tout the virtues of the oligarchy. To learn the true merit of any system, ask those who benefit from it the least.
  • {U}{B} Rimid: Their unique curse challenges the tenets of our philosophy. Some of our schools dedicate themselves to solving the puzzle presented, to see if the Rimid can overcome their hunger and chart their own destinies again.
  • {U}{R} Tezzi: Admirable in their recognition that their fate is mutable, tragic in their inability to properly capitalize on this knowledge.
  • {B}{R} Radkar: They represent the very worst type of sin, of abusing  power to prevent others from reaching their true potential.
  • {B}{G} Gilrog: In a perversion of our own views, they seek to maximize the potential of unwilling subjects instead of fostering in them the ability to self-actualize.
  • {R}{G} Grohm: I wonder how many Grohm are truly content with their lives, given the number of their young that are delivered to our schools.
  • {R}{W} Sorba: Sometimes they provide an invaluable service, allowing people to go unmolested while they find their inner strength. Frequently though, they prevent those same people from realizing their potential by never allowing them to fear true adversity.
  • {G}{W} Sahleen: Fate is not determined by some external force. Fate is no more than a consequence of applying will to the challenges one faces in life.
  • {G}{U} Kismi: Others mistake the vagueness of their premonitions as flaws in their abilities. It is actually simply a consequence of the fluidity of destiny, a recognition that because something is likely to occur does not mean that it must.

Guild Mechanics

Coming soon...