Thursday, November 14, 2013

CCDD 111413—Circle of Fire: White

Cool Card Design of the Day
11/14/2013 - I was tempted to give this a silver border. Probably should've. I guess it's funnier this way.

The template is super awkward. I should've made it a triggered ability:
Whenever a white source would deal damage to you, you may pay X, up to the amount of damage. If you do, Circle of Fire: White deals X damage to that source’s controller.
but I was trying to match the original template of Circle of Protection. Probably not worth the confusion.


  1. Formatting issues aside, this is a white card, not a red one.

  2. Spitemare and Boros Reckoner suggest this kind of damage repercussion is at least Red/White. I think this card can be made more exciting than a color-hoser:

    Fiery Skin 2RR
    Whenever you're dealt damage, ~ deals that much damage to each other player.

    Who wouldn't love casting lightning bolt on themselves in multiplayer?

    1. Payback is hybrid, redirecting (as Jay's card does) is white. Fiery Skin is cool, but probably needs to work as a replacement effect because many players will be unclear on what happens if you take lethal damage with this in play. Of course, as a replacement effect it makes it very difficult for you to lose, so it probably would require further tweaking. Perhaps:
      "Sources that deal damage to you also deal half that much damage, rounded up, to each opponent."

    2. Except Jay's card is payback-- it prevents the damage, but then it deals it right back to you. Good points on Fiery Skin. I shouldn't have been so quick to dismiss Jay's 'pay up to X' template in my design, that could also work to balance it.

  3. the current version of the card isn't worded well such that it uses white mechanics to do something that has nothing to do with being white. this isn't that hard to remedy:

    {1}: the next 1 damage that would be dealt to you by a white source this turn is instead dealt to both you and that sources controller.

  4. Circle of Retribution: {Color}
    I think I did a blue bubble of protection for one of the WACs.

  5. The original wording is correct, however awkward. A trigger can never retroactively prevent damage that's already been dealt, so if the damage killed you, you wouldn't get to kill your opponent in response. In that respect it would work similarly to Circle of Affliction.