Thursday, July 2, 2015

CCDD 070215—Massive Flashback

Cool Card Design of the Day
7/2/2015 - Runic Repetition fetches things from exile, which is arguably verboten. Here's a card that achieves a similar result in a more palatable way. And bigger.

I particularly like the fact that you have to hold off on flashing back your flashback cards in hopes of getting them all an extra time. That's the blue part.

I added 'discard your hand' because it feels red, tells a great story, and I had no idea how to cost this otherwise.


  1. I feel like this is going fundamentally against the grain of what Flashback does. I do not like cards that send a message like "You should not flashback your flashback cards," it is a lot like like an Exalted card that says "you should attack with lots of creatures" or a storm card that benefits from being the first card cast in a turn. I think these things are designer bait, because they are intellectually interesting, but I think they are very bad messaging.

    I'd love this if it was just Runic Repetition for all your Flashback cards in exile. I understand Mark's hesitation about Runic Repetition, but I think he is letting a slippery slope argument get in the way of understanding where the line really is. Usually in order for humans to understand a line, they have to cross it, and I think that is an acceptable loss. I don't think WOTC has come within a mile of the line on this particular issue.

    Surprised this doesn't have Flashback. Worth mentioning, this is like a super narrow version of Creeping Renaissance (a card I've always wanted to make do something, but I think I've still somehow never cast).

  2. Replies
    1. At first I thought yes but the fact that it can gain card advantage makes me actually lean towards no.

      I could see this being red:

      Discard your hand. Return up to X target flashback spells from your graveyard to your hand where X is the number of cards discarded this way.

    2. Red could probably get "exile ~, discard your hand, return any instants or sorceries from your graveyard to your hand" as a big mythic. I'd guess 5Rish, but really Past in Flames is more fun most of the time. A "return that many" version could probably be aggressively put at 2R - I don't think targeting flashback spells in particular is profitable.

  3. I have to say a lot of your designs recently seem very mechanical based. Maybe try a few top-down or worldbuilding cards if you want to try and design cards outside your comfort zone?

    1. I should shake things up, but I recommend checking out the first couple years of CCDD. They were mostly top-down.