Thursday, October 8, 2015

CCDD 100815—Immortality

Cool Card Design of the Day
10/8/2015 - Eon Hub seems perfect for a black enchantment, both thematically and combo-rifically.


  1. I'm curious whether you can skip your upkeep as a cost.

    "Skip your next turn's upkeep: Gain 1 life."
    would be an interesting take on Immortality, assuming you can't stack that trigger an arbitrarily large # of times.

    Might consider this at BBB, depending on what combos are trying to be pushed.

    1. BBB sounds like an awful casting cost for a combo card - typically combo decks want to stretch their colors because combo pieces are often in different colors.

    2. "Skip you next upkeep" would stack, but "skip your next turn's upkeep" might work. Why wouldn't you just do that every round, though, effectively having a {T} ability and Immortality?

      It might be neat to see a couple sorcery/instants with "skip your next upkeep" in a set with some really expensive upkeep cards.