Friday, February 26, 2016

Weekend Art Challenge 022616—Conspiracy 2.0

Weekend Art Challenge
Hello, artisans. My name is Zeno Rage, A.K.A. Walter Christy, and this weekend I’ll be hosting the challenge. And what is the challenge, you may ask? This week Wizards announced the sequel to a fan favorite set: Eternal Masters Conspiracy!

While we may not know what the final name will be, we do know that it will build off of what the first set had: Draft matters cards and multiplayer mechanics. I’d like to see everyone explore some more of these themes. A couple of weeks ago there was another, more focused multiplayer challenge that you can look to for some inspiration on the multiplayer part. As for the draft matters part, well, that's what your creativity and imagination is for. Lets get to the art!

By Kerem Beyit.jpg
Kerem Beyit
Nicole Cardiff.jpg
Nicole Cardiff
If you have better, more Fiora themed art in mind, then go ahead and leave a link and the artist's name in the comments.

Here are some last, quick ideas to keep in mind. Your card doesn’t have to hit all of these (I highly encourage you not to try) but it should be hitting at least one of them:
  • Some way to influence the draft (this is the one I’ll be most excited to see.)
  • Better with multiple players
  • Conspiracies
  • One of the mechanics from the original set (Will of the council, Dethrone, Parley)
  • Flavor of the political power struggle that is Fiora
Everyone is limited to one submission. Every  submission warrants feedback, and everyone is encouraged to give feedback. You may use that feedback to revise your submission any number of times, though only the version rendered will be included in the review. I plan on sending the review to Jay some time on Monday or Tuesday. Good luck and happy crafting!


  1. Heavy Armored Battalion {4}
    [Kerem Beyit]
    Artifact Creature-Soldier (unc)
    Reveal CARDNAME as you draft it. The player passing the next pack to you chooses which card you draft from it. You can't put CARDNAME in your deck unless you put that card in too.

    Invasion Force {5}
    [Kerem Beyit]
    Artifact Creature-Mercenary (cmn)
    When you draft CARDNAME, note the player who passed it to you. CARDNAME can't attack a player noted as you drafted cards named CARDNAME. If no one passed it to you, it can't attack.

    1. I feel like each of those need to be upped one rarity.

    2. They originally were, and then I remembered it's Conspiracy. You might still be right.

  2. Oppressed Uplifter {5}
    Artifact Creature - Construct (uncommon)
    Draft ~ face-up.
    Reveal the last card you draft in each pack and note its name.
    Cards with a name noted this way cost {1} less to cast.

    I have a few other ideas, but here's one for now.

    1. As written this discount applies to all players. That seems wrong; this is priced like a benefit.

    2. My bad, thanks Czynski. It's supposed to be "for you to cast".

  3. Influence the pools {U/B}
    Instant rare
    You may draft CARDNAME face up and note how many cards you've drafted this draft round, including CARDNAME.
    You gain X extra votes in the next vote, where X is the highest highest number you noted for cards named CARDNAME.

    No idea about the image to put however...

  4. Nicole Cardiff

    Spiretop Spy 2U
    Creature - Human Rogue (U)
    Whenever Spiretop Spy deals combat damage to a player, look at one of that player’s face-down conspiracies. That player may exile it face-up and reveal the name he or she chose for it. If he or she doesn’t, you draw a card.
    “Everyone’s got a secret. How much is yours worth, I wonder?”

    1. Is this meant to work as just a Stealer of Secrets against players without any (remaining) face-down conspiracies? Does it? I can't actually tell.

    2. It's not supposed to. I inadvertently left out an "if you do" at the start of the second sentence.

  5. I just had this idea for a will of the council card last week, before conspiracy's announcement. I'll go with that, but if I have time I'll change my submission to something more audacious.
    [Nicole Cardiff art]
    Fioran Thinkpol {1}{U}{B}
    Creature - Human Rogue (U)
    Will of the council — When CARDNAME enters the battlefield, each opponent reveals his or her hand. Then, starting with you, each player votes for a player other than you. The player with most votes or tied with most votes discards a card of your choice.

  6. Cogwork Curiosity
    Artifact Creature - construct
    Draft this face up. When you draft a fourteenth or fifteenth pick, you may note it's name and turnthis face down.
    {T}: Copy a card noted with a Cogwork Curiosity from your sideboard. You may cast the copy this turn.

  7. Cogwork Investigator

    Artifact Creature - Construct (rare)

    Draft ~ face up.

    The next time you receive a booster pack, before drafting a card from it, look at another booster pack of your choice. You may exchange your booster pack for that pack. Then turn ~ face down. (You will pass the pack you receive normally.)

    1. Wait, this needs non-draft-affecting stats. Let's say {4} for a 3/4.
      Second art.

    2. So it's Lore Seeker, but we leave a bunch of cards undrafted?

    3. I'm assuming the other booster pack is one already in the draft, Jay, so it will be opened at a later point in time.

    4. Hmm, I guess this wasn't clear. This is meant to be a trade current packs with another player.

      Example: If I picked a card from my first pack but left lots of goodies there, then took this second, I might trade my third pack with the one two seats to my left, and take my third pick from the same pack I took my first pick from. The pack that started two seats to my right would then skip over me and the person to my left and get picked from by the player I took a pack from. Then we'd pass our packs to the left normally; the player to my left would take their second and fourth picks from that same pack.

      I'll reword it.

    5. Cogwork Investigator {4}

      Artifact Creature - Construct (rare, second art)

      Reveal ~ as you draft it. The next time you look at a booster pack, before drafting a card from it, look at a booster pack another player is looking at with the same number of cards in it. You may exchange your current pack for that pack. (You will pass the pack you receive normally.)