Thursday, February 18, 2016

CCDD 021816—Scent of Brains

Cool Card Design of the Day
2/18/2016 - Almost strictly better than "Each other player discards a card." It doesn't reanimate anything, though, so I think it's safe. Agree?


  1. Yes it seems very good. You can even upgrade your useless 1 drop in your hand for your best creature in the graveyard. You would rarely cast it when you have no target in your graveyard/hand.

  2. This is pretty weak when cast early; 1B for discarding a card of their choice. And it feels a bit clever to discard a creature card and then return it, but not hugely satisfying.

    I really want this to cost 4B and discard two.

  3. I feel this like is a confluence of ideas that doesn't quite settle right. Upgrading it to discard two - as Havelock suggests - would make it feel more potent on the offense. And upgrading it to only hitting opponents would make it feel more symmetrical, but also probably require a bump up to {2}{B}.

    The key to both these changes is that they feel more universally satisfying to play. They have more situations where you're happy to play it, eager to draw it, and so on. As it is, I think it's clever, but I don't think it'll be satisfying to play very often.

  4. These two abilities as an ETB/dies pair? Probably could work fine as a given block's Rats variant.