Friday, May 6, 2016

Weekend Art Challenge Review 042916—Sandara

Hello all!
Thank you for your patience with this review, I had some serious pc issues.
Here is the challenge we are reviewing this week. Without further ado, let us see the cards you crafted!

Gold squadron is an interesting card. White weenie decks tend to take you down to low digits and then have problems "closing the deal" without the help of another color to bounce, burn, or remove. This gives a top end to those decks, giving you an interesting "draft around me" option.

This is an interesting counter-measure against flying tokens, but those usually are white's domain. Perhaps 1/1 flying vampires or fairies? You could also combine it with cards that give flying to all creatures or to targeted creatures to always get a 2/2? The entering tapped part seems strange to me, and part of black's domain to evoke the slow zombies.

I can understand the story Griffin Keeper is telling. You train your griffin and then you ride it. I would like it to be "CARDNAME has +3/+3 and flying as long as it and a griffin creature you control are attacking" so that if your opponent kills your griffin, you fall from the sky on your face. If we are worried about the torrent of griffins, we could also try to limit it with "At the BOYU, if you control no griffins, put a 2/2 ..." (Ophiomancer technology). All in all a cool card.

Hippogriff Alliance is quite interesting, flavor wise: you get more and more Hippogriffs that come and help you over time as a condition is met. Aura-matters decks would love it. Apart from the clunkiness of having to put extra token copies of the enchantment into play it is a cool card: it encourages you to attack and if they have no instant removal for the creature, you can potentially attack and get a second aura that same turn. Then the next turn you can get two more. I guess for a rare aura it is a good place to be.

Very cool functional card. Could perhaps see it at common too.

Interesting: this encourages you to attack, even though it punishes vigilance. It also can have some interactions with "tap a creature you control" activation costs on defense. I would probably prefer it as +2/+2 when attacking, but I think it would excite enough some jennies to be worth printing as is.

It is rare to find one liners that are possible in a color that have not yet been printed. I might have seen it at {2}{W}{W} since it has the potential to be a game-closer, but Ipaulsen in the comments considered it to be a white magmatic chasm which costs {1}{R}. Would the difference in the two color's play styles be enough to justify different mana costs?

A very nice reprint of Windborne Charge!

A very limited subset of Concerted Effort that boosts Knights and Soldiers. I like it a lot since it can push new players into specific deck building directions.

Finally the most Bant-inspired card there is. Wings and Claws is interesting, but clearly not an NWO uncommon. I could easily see it as a rare, and change the looter-on-death to just a draw-a-card-on-death. The slith ability (+1/+1 counter when combat damage to a player) is quite strong, but I could love it if instead it gave renown 2 to your creatures with flying. I like this card, but I guess that it would be changed a lot to fit development's needs.

Good crafting, Artisans!

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