Tuesday, May 17, 2016

CCDD 051716—Sphinx of the Waning Moon

Cool Card Design of the Day
5/17/2016 - Blacker Sphinx.


  1. I love it, although the actual template is worse because it needs to say "you may look at the face down card."

    The only bad moment here, I think, is when they crack a fetch land and spend 5 minutes counting the cards in their deck to figure out what you took.

    Why is this in a Hybrid Frame?

    1. IDK. I vastly prefer the hybrid frame over gold. I guess the indicator comes with.

      Yeah, that's an unfortunate enough scenario to make sure the card never shares a tourney-viable deck with crack-lands.

    2. And it's not a major point, but isn't there something about triggers not depending on hidden info?

      But yeah, interesting idea. It honestly feels Black to me, though I guess countering makes sense to always be Blue. I like the idea that you need to do some guessing, but that then puts them in a position of uncertainty.

    3. I first also tought it was hidden, but if you choose the card, you know what card you put facedown.

  2. Praetor's Counsel + Grimoire Thief?