Tuesday, October 18, 2016

CCDD 101816—Inventor's Aura

Cool Card Design of the Day
10/18/2016 - Here's an aura you might draft in a Conspiracy set.

So you can give any creature +3/+3 for {2}{G}, but if the creature your aura was destined for is around, you can enchant that for free.

Being able to do that with the five 1/1s for one that no one else wanted might be a problem, though…

So here we give you another benefit instead of making the card cheaper/free. We give you creature hexproof so opponent's can't murder it and two-for-one you.

That's a lot of text, though. Can we do this more simply?

This iteration works more like a hidden agenda than a draft-matters card, and that saves us a lot of text.

But again, not having to worry about putting it on an Invisible Stalker for free allows us to remove some safety text and make something even simpler.

The fun of naming a creature destined for your aura before the game, by the way, is supposed to be helping you to feel like an inventor, of sorts. Like Kaladesh, but with auras. Perhaps Simic #3.


  1. The set would need a pretty compelling reason to have a "name matters" mechanic. I'm not sure what that could be in order to really justify the additional bookkeeping required. That said, I'm a bit surprised they haven't made 2GG Aura +3/+3 and hexproof

  2. Maybe play it up as "destiny"? The one from the prophecy, etc etc?

    If you have two of Inventor's Aura 2, can you name two creatures at the beginning of the game? (If so, do both work with either?)