Wednesday, October 26, 2016

CCDD 102616—Forbidden Reading

Cool Card Design of the Day
10/26/2016 - I'm congested, and so have nothing profound to say about this design.


  1. While I have no idea what other colour combination would work better - black/red somehow feels wrong. I can see the red in it (the chaos of option #2, as well as of giving control to your opponent) but the feeling I get from this is distinctly not red. It's not destructive or reckless, it's... well, it's very black. It's powerful and foreboding and frightening and imminent.

    Really, really interesting tutor though. This seems like it would set up a lot of cool drama (both in making the choice and in the case of #2 in the following turns as well).

    Definitely *not* a card you'd want a playset of.

  2. I liked the card up until the second option was Divination with a tiny bit of selection. I think probably this would rather be "Exile the card and draw 3 cards" but that has already been done (Distant Memories).

    Also, feel better soon!

  3. What if this was "Search your library for a card, then shuffle your library. Shuffle that card into the top 7 cards of your library, then draw two cards."

    How much does that cost? (How much does it slow down the game?)

    1. It's still better than "Draw two," so 1BU?

    2. Fuel Up {1}{R}
      Sorcery (rare)
      Search your library for 7 different cards, then shuffle your library. If you find 7, put them on top of your library in a random order.

    3. I like the shuffle it into the top 7 cards and then draw two (no punisher) version a lot.

    4. The saddest part about it is that two of them don't stack in the way you'd hope! You could do something hacky like exiling the top 7 cards of your deck and searching the remainder and then putting those 7 cards back on top with the card you found shuffled in. But I don't want to template that.

    5. Yeah, there are a lot of cute things to do in this space that sadly just really don't template well to a magic card (+ magic shuffling IRL).

  4. Madcap Riddle {B}{R}
    Discard a card. Search your library for two cards, then shuffle your library, then shuffle them into the top seven cards of your library.
    Exile the top two cards of your library, then draw two cards.