Thursday, July 27, 2017

CCDD 072717—Kenra Mystic

Cool Card Design of the Day
7/27/2017 - Kenra Mystic is a red Initiate's Companion. It can't untap creatures, but it untaps the land soon enough to use on combat tricks. You can, of course, still just use that land after combat like Hardened Berserker.

Speaking of Hardened Berserker, I wonder if you couldn't make a set that wants to reward even more attacking with cheaper spells.


  1. I think both designs are more straight forward if they are "Whenever ~ attacks, untap target land." Not exactly the same, but it encourages playing multiple spells and combat tricks in a way that feels very red to me.

    1. I agree that's better for Kenra Mystic. Not sure I'd make a functional reprint of Hardened Berserker to make that change, especially since it doesn't help with casting a single large spell.

  2. Mystic Homesteader 1R
    Creature - Jackal Shaman
    Take Root (When ~ enters the battlefield, pair it with target unpaired land.)
    When CARDNAME becomes tapped, untap paired land.

    Could be "entrench" or "dig in", depending on set flavor.

    1. Ooooh, I like that!

      ~ has flying as long as paired land is untapped.

      ~ has +1/+1 as long as the paired land is non-basic.

      Whenever the paired Forest is tapped, add G to your mana pool.

    2. I physically pair a plains with my Blinding Mage so there's something here.

    3. Seems like a lot of book keeping but otherwise cool flavor.