Wednesday, October 11, 2017

CCDD 101117—Lord of Vedalkis

For some reason I've had Tribal Lords on my mind. Can't figure out why for the life of me.

Vedalken are fairly prevalent in the game, but have never had a lord. I toyed around with giving the lord some kind of triggered ability on drawing a card, but ultimately decided that for their first lord, the goal should be elegance. Hence a straightforward +1/+1 bonus instead of something clever.

(This and anything else I might post this week is on autopilot while I maintain radio silence until Saturday night. I'll respond to comments Sunday.)


  1. I appreciate Ixlan's avoidance of +1/+1 for 3/4 tribes. It really is a weird color pie bleed and it fits some tribes more than others. However that cat might just be out of the bag.

    1. It's a relic, but when limited to a tribe I don't find the +1/+1 to my dudes an especially egregious break. With the looting ability, I particularly like the tension it creates in making them more aggressive on one side and more controlling on the other.

      I did consider things like whenever you draw a card, target creature can't be blocked, or mill 2, but none seemed particularly cohesive with the looting.