Thursday, February 14, 2019

CCDD 021419 - Some More More Interesting Slivers (Part 2)

Yesterday I showed off some more off-beat sliver designs for white, blue and black. Today I'll cover red and green, and maybe talk about some more color interactions.

For those looking for Valentines Day content, rest assured that Slivers are very near and dear to my heart.

When I was jotting down notes for this exercise, I wrote down rough mechanical hooks that each of the colors would want all of their slivers to care about. For red, I came up with "combat nonsense."

After my initial Tarkir sliver push flopped, I really thought about a Time Spiral-esque set that did slivers but with keywords from other planes. Bushido is dying to make a (renamed) comeback, but having it dekeyworded was nice for slivers.

Combat mode was inspired by Larcent's Pirate Ascendancy from this past weekend's design challenge. Being able to flash slivers in during your attack can make a defending player incredibly nervous. Will they all have Deathtouch? First strike? Trample? All of the above? Let's find out!

Finally, how could I not take the chance to double my slivers, even if they're disappearing copies. That probably needs a cost-per-copy to keep it from being completely bonkers.

An alternative rare that I came up with was Zada, Hedron Grinder Sliver. It demands a lot from your deck, but the payoff is so great. This is mostly strictly worse than Zada herself, but for some reason it reads better to me.

Green likes lands. Green also wants to fix your colors so you can play other interesting slivers. The domain one reads a little clunky, and I can probably remove the ability word. It, and a few of the other slivers, also cross into Ally territory. One of the lines R&D drew between the two Lord Tribes was that slivers are mostly supposed to avoid ETB, one shot bonuses - they are supposed to actively be making your team better, as opposed to the one and done effects that allies were happy with. Then again, Constricting Sliver (and Mesmeric Sliver before it) were things, so it's not a hard and fast rule. Plus, the added flexibility can make for much more interesting sliver army configurations.

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