Thursday, April 25, 2019

CCDD 042519 - Charismatic and Vengeful Leaders

So a project I've been working on (off and on) is an X-Men/Kaladesh fanfic mashup non-set. Currently, I'm trying to crank out a handful of mechanics and keywords to give some better focus to my commons, and one of the ones I'm tinkering with is this.

That is clearly a templating misstep, but the idea is a leader can deduct their power by 1 as many times as they have power to give another attacking teammate +1/+1 UEOT. Based on the reminder text alone, the ability might be a little too fiddly. Let's simplify

Here the variable will always be set to the Leader's power. It's going to be all or nothing, and limited to one target. That looks way cleaner, and probably easier to understand. The big question is whether there's anything interesting or fun to do with it.

The answer is maybe?


  1. It feels odd or off somehow for red creatures to reduce their power? I was on board with the first two cards but then when I got to vengeful leader I wasn't feeling it. I worry that the play pattern will be for the defender to block and kill the leader at all costs, making the first strike on the other creature not terribly relevant.

    1. I hear that. It's limited to ttcking, so the trade-off is still justifiable in red, but it is valid critique. As is, it's basically worse battle-cry.

      It could be put in any color for playtesting purposes.