Tuesday, May 7, 2019

CCDD 050619 - Reclaiming Namespace (Blaze of Glory)

A pet project of many amateur (and professional) designers is to ruminate on what Alpha would look like if it were being designed today for the first time. It's definitely a fun exercise, but honestly, if you look at the cards in Alpha, so many of them are just so near perfect. They legitimately set the game up to last over 25 years, and the quality shows.

My big problem with Alpha is not color pie mismatches or keyworded abilities that seem antiquated with today's game, but with the lost namespace for completely forgettable cards. Take a look at Blaze of Glory.

Rendered in MSE with current Oracle text for clarity.
That is a great name on a terrible, terrible card. I want this name to be something that we could reprint (Reserve List notwithstanding) endlessly.

So I made this. I'm not sure that this is something that could often see reprinting (I could make it a basic Red common/uncommon combat trick for that), but at least it feels like a legitimate use of the name.


  1. Needing to target the sacrificed creature feels odd here. I don't think there has ever been an effect with targeting as a cost. If I'm not mistaken this also lets you target creatures you don't control, which would make the spell fizzle. I feel like this card would need to have a lot of rules clarifications.

    1. Don't worry about templating. Clearly this would just say "sacrifice an attacking creature [you control]."
      We'd likely also tweak it to sacrifice the creature after it deals its damage rather than as a cost, just so there's no question how dead things deal damage.

    2. Yeah, I was sloppy on the templating here. I was also trying to avoid stepping too heavily on Berserk's toes.