Tuesday, August 20, 2019

CCDD 08202019 - Scale Birds of Various Sizes

Let's move from squirrels to birds. Scale Birds are a cool creative concept, helping to convey the size of BIG things that only are ever seen on very small card arts. What would happen if we tried to capture that mechanically?

Here's an anti-lord that gives your non-bird creatures that sense of scale, and really lets them appreciate how much bigger they are than a lowly 1/1.

In teasing out this idea, I went to how the number and size of the birds could dictate the bonus. This brought be me to silver border, where I thought there could be different cards all named Scale Birds that come in different sizes and different colors and award varying degrees of bonuses to your team. Then I realized that we could make half and quarter cards to drive the joke home. 

Please excuse my poor MS Paint photo editing skills.

That last one is a 5 mana Birds of Paradise that gives your team +4/+4. 


  1. A +2/+2 anthem on a 1-mana creature has to be too strong, right?

    Working off the "scale birds" flavor, maybe you could give *all* other creatures +2/+2? It's a "symmetric" effect that still benefits aggressive and go-wide decks the most, so it makes sense in W and G.

    1. Oh yeah. I just forgot to update the mana cost on the mono-W one. These are pretty fragile as far as anthems go. 1 point of damage can deflate your whole team.

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