Thursday, August 22, 2019

CCDD 08222019 - Martyrize

I played around in every color but Black this week, and I did creatures and enchantments, so I set out to make a Black Instant for today's design. I initially though something along the line of Persecute. I wanted removal that would prevent a player from casting cards with the same name for the rest of the game, but that ended up feeling more white, in the vein of Exclusion Ritual. Tinkering around, I settled on the flavor of a dying creature becoming a martyr, and ended up with this:

I originally had it in Black, but it wanted to be limited to attacking creatures, and then it ended up being an Immolating Glare variant. It's worse defensively, but it doubles as an offensive card in a go-wide deck.


  1. This is a wonderful design with, as you say, some cool out-of-the-box uses. Might create some feel-bad scenarios where this isn't very good (opponent swinging for lethal, and the anthem effect still makes it lethal), but I think it makes up for that.

  2. you can use it on your own creatures that's attacking, and sacrifice a small token you control

  3. I feel like this will just be bad most of the time. What kind of player does this excite?

  4. This feels like the definition of BW to me:

    either underhandedly killing one of your numbers to benefit the greater good by making them a martyr

    or calculatingly offing the chief opponent, knowing that the burst in morale in the enemy side will only be temporary, and being willing to pay the price of loosing some more life to further your plans.

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