Tuesday, September 8, 2020

CCDD 090820 - Panpiper

There's nothing too innovative about today's design. I just happened to be looking at the tribute mechanic for some reason and wondered about putting more power into the modal part instead of the base creature.

I was happy to find the "draw two cards" effect as a reward here. Normally green doesn't get to do unconditional card draw like that (Harmonize is one of the color-shifted cards from Planar Chaos) but I figured tribute made it fine; effects like Browbeat are the classic case of color pie bleed being fine.


  1. Yeah, I like this, to me it does feel green.

  2. I think the draw in green would be nice. Maybe trample rather than vigilance to further incentivize not allowing the +1+1 counters?

    1. I thought about using trample instead of vigilance and ended up deciding that it would be a little too silly on a 1/1. (No offense, Charging Badger.)