Sunday, February 27, 2011

CCDD 022711 — So Rise the Champions

Cool Card Design of the Day
Every day, I design a new card and discuss it briefly. Sometimes I will examine new possibilities for colors or mechanics, sometimes I'll re-examine existing executions and sometimes I'll just design something I think is neat.

2/27/2011 - I originally concepted So Rise the Champions as a white Wrath that Resurrected each player's best creature but the card is cleaner using sacrifice effects and now it makes more sense in black.

Speaking of which, who else is disappointed that Damnation was a one-time thing? Day of Judgement has been justified in white because white is about setting rules (no more breathing) and enforced balance (everyone loses all their creatures, equally), but it's not hard to argue that it makes at least as much sense—if not more—in black, which is the color of death and destruction as well as the color most willing to sacrifice its own people in exchange for great power. Speaking of which, "powerful" is a much better descriptor of these cards than "balanced," but you already knew that.

What side are you on? Should black get most of the conditionless mass removal or should white?

1 comment:

  1. I'd be fine with a Black spell that let you sacrifice your creatures and made each other player sacrifice that many creatures (kind of like a Sorcery version of Grave Pact), but I prefer things like Damnation being rare occurrences.

    I like this one though. It does a lot of black things that I can get behind.