Friday, June 3, 2011

CCDD 060311—Mass Subjugation & Subjugator Demon

Cool Card Design of the Day
6/3/2011 - Today's card was inspired by Chah's Lord Over Kings which gives you control of all equipped creatures. That's certainly a unique effect and immediately made me think of a similar effect for enchantments that seems perhaps more obvious. Naturally, we've already got our Volition Reins and our Corrupted Consciences but what if there were a control effect in the manner of Infiltrator's Magemark and friends?

Naturally, this has to cost more than Mind Control since it has a (potentially much) larger upside. Maybe six is too little. Honestly, I don't think more expensive control effects is high on many players' want-to-see list, so what if we had a version that was cheaper but had a bigger hoop for the player to jump through? Possibly the most archetypal hoop is does-nothing-by-itself:

That should be rare, btw. The thing about these kinds of hoop cards is that while they appeal strongly to a small subset of players, they are quite unappealing to the majority. Enter the on-a-stick solution and suddenly it's at least a warm body you can swing with.


  1. I really like the self-interaction of the Aura version. Also, the beauty of it is that the opponent could kill the creature enchanted by Mass Subjugation so that he can at least get the other stolen creatures back.

    With the creature version, there's a similar concept done in Rootwater Matriarch.

  2. The Demon doesn't really need the "If you do" because he's a creature himself.

    I dislike Mass Subjugation because Auras are already miserable enough and discouraging opponents from playing them is the last thing we need.