Thursday, June 16, 2011

CCDD 061611—Mythogriff

Cool Card Design of the Day
6/16/2011 - I enjoy the idea of an illusion that disappears when you poke it ala Phantom Beast, but to put that on a big investment requires some kind of recourse. For Mythogriff, I wanted to make it an effect that has upside if you're prepared for it, but can still bite if you're not.

The actual cost of Mythogriff's activated ability could be GR, BW, !U!U or even just 2. I'm not really tied to that, but it seemed like a cute way to express the power of imagination: If you can produce more colors, you have more 'imagination' and thus can make Mythogriff more powerful.


  1. I feel like the cost attached to the trigger is sufficient representation of the need to "maintain belief".

    Goofy hybrid arrangements always bother me.

  2. Obviously the cost fits with the cycle, but I think this would be really interesting/sweet at 1UUU without pump-ability.

  3. To clarify, I'm not suggesting the cost be quad-hybrid or anything. Just placeholder, "for could be many non-blue things."

  4. Right, but I really just think you hit the nail on the head with the first trigger. Just give it Flying and a lower cost, and presto-chango.

  5. The ability is interesting, but putting an ability that causes you to always keep at least 2 open for the rest of the game is awkward on a 6 drop. You're playing this as a eight drop so it doesn't die to their pump spell? At least normal phantoms are aggressive to the point that if they don't have it, they beat face. Even if it lives, how does this compare to Sphinx of Jwar Isle or Frost Titan?

    So for a big, splashy illusion try:

    Mythogryph 2UUUU
    Creature- Illusion
    Whenever an instant or sorcery targets Mythogryph, sacrifice Mythogryph and exile that spell with three Myth counters on it.
    You may remove a myth counter to play a copy of that spell at any time.