Friday, January 20, 2012

CCDD 012012—Demon Spawn

Cool Card Design of the Day
1/20/2012 - Today's card is just for fun. It was inspired by a comment Ken Nagle tweeted:
Overheard in The Pit: "Kids are like card advantage."
Naturally that inspired a card design.

How can anyone not love kids? The filthy little bloodsuckers!

Just kidding, of course. (Not really.)


  1. This goes straight into my Grafted Skullcap/Mindstorm Crown/Bottled Cloister deck!

    ...okay, I don't actually have that deck. But I kind of want to.

  2. Really interesting alongside Devil's Librarian. WotC has been shying away from old backfiring "deal with the devil" enchantments, but I'm sure this would have enough fans to be okay, especially given Archdemon of Greed being less lovable in Spikeland.