Thursday, December 6, 2012

Set Design: Final Pitches!

The three sets that made it to the last round have each undergone lots of revisions.  This challenge is your chance to present a "final" vision of how the entire set fits together.  Your task is to create a booster pack of Ekkremes, Frontier, or Ankh-Theb that illustrates most of the set's mechanics.  Your pack should be an ideal introduction to the set for a player who knows nothing about it.

To participate in the last round of pitches, please send the following form to by midnight on Sunday, December 16.  Anyone (except the Goblin Artisans authors, of course) may pitch any set.  You may make major changes to a set's themes or mechanics, as long as it's still recognizable.  

  • Which set are you pitching?
  • What is the name of your pitch? 
  • What are the major mechanical themes in the set according to your vision?
  • Present a booster pack (10 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare or mythic rare) that shows off the set as well as possible.  These cards need not be original designs; previous challenges and other people's ideas are fair game.

Do not include any explanatory text in your submission; the booster pack should speak for itself.  Flavor text on cards is acceptable but not particularly important.

The deadline is ten days away because an entire pack's worth of cards is a lot of work.  After the submissions are all in, we will post our favorites, but the set selection won't be based on which entry was most successful.  Instead, the blog authors will playtest using these cards (and possibly others, depending on how many submissions we get) to determine which set has the most potential for enjoyable gameplay.  When the dust has cleared, one of these sets will still be standing, and that set will actually get designed!


  1. For what it's worth, I've posted my reaction to each of the previous round pitches on the forum.

    For those submitting pitches for the final round, it might help to work on them online, so that you can get feedback in real time.

  2. Should we give a rough idea of the art as well?